Next steps on my path to new adventures

As you may recall, I have a few new races in my sights for 2017 and beyond- specifically a Spartan Race and a Sprint Tri.  The first step for my prep for the Spartan is to build up a tolerance for burpees.  I just recently started working burpees into my workouts but I never concentrated on hitting a particular number of them, but since the penalty for not completing a Spartan obstacle is 30 burpees, I figured I better at least be able to do 30 burpees. So last night the first exercise I did in my routine was burpees – 30 of them to be exact.  And yes, by number 24 I was hunched over, hands on my knees and gasping for breath like a person who has never exercised before.  I squeaked out the remaining 6 burpees but I literally thought I was going to fall over when I tried to jump.  And by jump I really mean get my feet the minimum distance off the ground as  allowed.  I am not even sure if you could have seen space between my feet and the ground but I swear to you – I jumped.  I really did.  It may not have looked like it, but I with all my will – jumped.

And then I slumped.

Good god, 30 burpees damn near killed me.  Holy crap.  I can not fathom doing that again.  Much less over and over and over again – which could happen in a Spartan.  Seriously, it’s so much harder than you’d think.  I do interval/tabata workouts and I’m working on more high intensity training so I’ve been elevating my heart rate more than I did when I did distance running, which means I didn’t think I was completely out of shape.  But holy balls – the level of difficulty of doing 30 shocked me.  SHOCKED ME.  And humbled me.

So before I can worry about carrying a 50 pound log up a ski hill, I apparently need to work on the basics and master the ability to do 30 burpees.  So step one –  Burpees.  Step two – 5o pound log.  But because I have – in my mind – more work to be done before I can try a Spartan, I’m going to focus 2017 on my other goal – a triathlon.

So that brings me to the sprint tri that I want to do.  I reached out to my Coach – you know the one who got me to the Fall 50 finish line in one piece both mentally and physically – to get his opinion on my desire to do a Tri and my lack of ability to swim.  I’m not going to go into the details with you, but the short version of our conversation is that he thinks it’s doable and a good idea.  He likes the thought of me taking on a challenge that is something other than just running.  I told him the triathlon I want to sign up for is in August of 2017 but that I’d need to sign up this coming October and I was wondering if one year is enough time for me to be ready.  The short answer – yes! So step one – take swim lessons.  Step two – don’t drown.

I’m scared to death of the thought of signing up for the tri so early, but as my coach said, it gives me a goal and from there I have to do what needs to be done to reach that goal.  Just like the Fall 50 – he said that I set the goal and worked many months to achieve the goal and it will be the same with this.  But he said this will hurt less than the Fall 50.  Hey, I’m all for that!

So here’s to taking the first step.  And I anxiously await step two – not drowning!

Until next time,

Gotta run





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