Not a great way to start my day

So far this learning to swim thing is just down right sucky. Sucky, yes that’s the word I chose.  I was going to use a curse laden, run-on-sentence to describe it but I thought I’d spare you fine folks all the expletives this early in the morning.

Let me tell you about my swim lesson this morning.  Let me paint the picture for you:

  • Since my other lessons haven’t gone well, I wasn’t too enthused for this one.
  • Last night I mentioned to my husband that I was DREADING my early morning lesson.  DREADING.
  • My alarm went off at 4:15am.
  • It’s minus 7 degrees outside.
  • I have a busy day and can’t work out today so my only activity will be my early morning swim lesson.
  • I drag my cold and tired (and crabby, yes it’s been a crappy week and I’ve been crabby) ass to the Y and I head to the swimming pool.
  • All swim lanes are full.
  • I don’t see my instructor, but I have 5 minutes until my lessons is supposed to start.  so I wait.
  • And I wait.
  • And I wait.
  • My instructor is a no-show.  A fucking no-show!
  • When I realize that even if she does actually show up, it will be too late to get my lesson in and finished by 6:00am, which is when I need to be done so I can get home and get ready for work.
  • I leave the pool area, I get dressed and I go back home.
  • My workout at the Y this morning consisted of me getting undressed and redressed.  Fun times.
  • Swim lesson #2 from the paid instructor – – NON EXISTENT!

Let me just say, I’m livid!  L.I.V.I.D!

And this, may I add, is after this instructor cancelled my lesson last week.  She said she had to study for exams.  Yet when I went to the Y and saw her boss, her boss said she couldn’t make the lesson because she was home sick.  HHHmmmm… thanks for lying to either me or your boss.

What a colossal waste of my time.  I couldn’t stick around and swim on my own like I did last week because all the lanes were full.  I don’t have the confidence or proper pool etiquette to know how to ask someone to share a lane.  Plus I really didn’t want to share a lane with people who can swim and were trying to do laps.  Me and my little floaty kick board wouldn’t have been appreciated by these folks.

I also couldn’t get my usual fitness center workout in either because I didn’t have any workout clothes or tennis shoes along. I had my fricken swim suit on – that’s it!

So yeah,  needless to say, I’m not jiving on swimming.  Or in this mornings case, the lack of swimming!

Until next time,

Gotta run (or swim – MAYBE!)




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