Dang, girl

When you see a look of panic in the eyes of a co-worker, followed by the phrase, “dang, girl”, you know the trajectory you’re on to be able to swim a half mile by August is not necessarily on track.

A co-worker who knows I’m taking swim lessons stopped by to ask how my lesson was yesterday and when I told him – and I didn’t embellish for the sake of a good story – he was at first encouraging.  But then by the end of the conversation his encouragement turned more towards  a “what did you get yourself into” vibe.  I definitely surprised him when talking about my lesson, I mentioned I swallowed more water, choked more and panicked more  and definitely didn’t do as well as I did two weeks ago.  His eyes got pretty big when I said I swallow water and choke pretty regularly.  I don’t think he realized when I said I can’t swim, that means… I CAN NOT SWIM!  It’s not like I can swim but need a refresher.  Or that I can swim but want to go faster.  Nope, I can not swim!

And then he asked how far I need to swim for the tri and he asked how many laps that is in the pool.  I told him it’s 36 lengths/18 laps.  And that’s when I got the shock and panicked look and the “dang, girl!”  Quickly followed by the, “you better hurry up, you’ve got a lot to do by August”.

Yes, yes I do.

Until next time,

Gotta run (or swim)


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