Bi – George I think I’m getting it!

Well, I did something I never thought I’d say I did… I did bi-lateral breathing in open water!

I had a training swim on Sunday and after my 1/2 mile open water training swim, I decided it was time to try bi-lateral breathing away from the safety of the pool.

I swam for about 12 strokes, which would be about 4 breaths total, or 2 on each side.  I did this three times.  And you know something, it wasn’t horrible!  I am still not comfortable breathing to my left and I rush it and I gulp air because I feel like I’m sinking when I have to breathe to my left, but I did it.

Brian said my form was good.  I don’t know about that, but I’ll take it!  I was just excited to be able to do it.  Brian also said my arm turnover was quicker, which was good to hear because it felt like it.  I feel like I’m swimming so much faster when I bi-lateral breathe, but I’m really not.  I’ve timed myself in the pool and my speed is almost the same.  Even though my arm turnover is faster, I’m less efficient and my form probably isn’t correct which is most likely causing drag or in other ways, slowing me down.  But that’s okay, I can work on all of that. The hard part is just actually rotating to the left and breathing.  If I can keep getting more comfortable with that and if I can get to the point where I no longer feel like I’m sinking, then I’ll be set to make some progress on my form.

I won’t bi-lateral breathe for the Tri in three weeks, but if I can practice and train throughout winter… who knows what next summer could bring.  I’m so excited to think about being able to actually bi-lateral breathe for real.

Now if only I could get comfortable and make progress in water that has swells.  Those damn baby ripples not only freak me out, they literally make me nauseous and cause me to swallow water and in general, panic like a mofo!

But one improvement at a time, I guess!

Until next time,

Gotta run


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