Trying to swim isn’t all I do

I’ve done nothing but post about swimming lately, you probably think I gave up all other workouts – but that’s certainly not the case.  In fact, I’ve slowly been getting back into running.  In case you forgot, I really fell off the wagon the 2nd half of 2016.  The effects of training for an ultra in 2015 finally caught up with me and I wanted to do anything but run.

I’m once again running.  Not a lot, but I am running.  I still don’t have the same drive and motivation I did pre-Fall 50 solo, but that may have as much to do with the weather as it does my lack of motivation.  I truly dislike running in winter.  The darkness and icy/snowy conditions make me want to stay indoors.  And since I refuse to run on a treadmill, that means if I don’t run outside, I don’t run at all.

I’ve been going to the weekly training runs on Saturday mornings.  So far I’ve run the marathon training routes (compared to the half marathon routes), even though I don’t plan on running a marathon.  But I have to admit, just last week I started to get the itch to do another marathon.  It’s my 10-year anniversary since running my first marathon in 2007 and that really has me jazzed about running one this year.  But what doesn’t have me jazzed is training.  Even though I’m running again, I’m not sure if I’m ready to tackle the training required to run a marathon.  I’m still feeling a bit too lazy to commit to that.  But I will keep running the marathon training routes for a few more weeks and then I’ll reassess.  If I get more motivated and if I’m feeling good, maybe I’ll go for it.

Speaking of feeling good, my right leg is not feeling good.  It’s actually giving me a lot of problems.  I’ve got a whole bunch of crap going on with my leg.  I think part of my pain stems from my back, which is pinching nerves.  When that happens I alter my gait and then a whole new host of issues arise.  I have sciatic nerve pain, I have a pulled hamstring, I have hip pain, I have IT and knee pain and I have a serious case of restless leg going on too.  And yes, this is all in my right leg.  The restless leg, or if you’re a Seinfeld fan you probably know it as “jimmy leg”, is so unbelievably distracting.  I can’t sleep, I can’t sit and I just want to cut my leg off.  While I’m not exactly sure what triggered all of this now, I do know that it’s all still a by-product of Fall 50 training.  These are almost exactly the same issues I had during ultra training.  But then I accepted it because my body was going through a hell and a lot of stress.  But now? Why now?  I’m barely logging any miles.  So why am I already dealing with so many issues? Perhaps I’m just that lucky!

I sure hope the pain and issues subside.  I also hope my motivation continues to come back.  I’d really like to enjoy running again.  Here’s hoping!

Until next time,

Gotta run


Big Girl Panties

It’s been a tough week.  Motivation is at an all-time low.  And ironically the lack of motivation started while I was working an endurance event, something that normally kicks my motivation into overdrive.  But not this time.

I am part of the Ops Team for the Door County Triathlon and this weekend of events hit its peak on Sunday with a Half Iron. I love watching these athletes compete, I live for this shit.  But this time, while I watched them, instead of being inspired by them I envied them for being done.  I was so completely jealous that their event was done and they could finish their summer by relaxing.

I also believe another contributing factor to my lack of motivation is that none of my friends are in high-training mode now.  Brian has a sprint Tri at the end of August, but he’s not really doing too much training for it.  I have a couple of friends that are running and biking to stay in shape for a sprint tri as well, but again, they aren’t disrupting their lives for it either.  And then there’s a lot of my friends that are just completely taking time off from training.  For one reason or another, they aren’t doing anything.  And this too makes me very envious.  And while I doubt I’d ever just do nothing (at least I hope I don’t ever do nothing, I need to stay active and healthy), having the option to do nothing appeals to me.

And then of course the fact that it’s supposed to reach 90 degrees this weekend and the humidity will be out in full force doesn’t help matters.  I can’t even fathom what it’s going to be like to run 5.6 hours in what could be 90 degree heat.  Hell on earth, I’m guessing.

So these contributing factors made for an extremely low week for me.  Probably the lowest I’ve been during this entire journey and the most unmotivated I’ve been to this point.  And while I knew this was going to be hard and I knew the heat was going to smack me in the face and I knew I’d be running back-to-back long runs week-after-week, the fact that I’m now “in it” and doing it, makes it really real and really hard.

So as I warned Brian the other night, “buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride”, I need to take my own advice. I need to put on my big girl panties, leather up and buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Until next time,

Gotta run


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